SR Series for Telecom/Datacom

The SR series are pure sine wave inverters designed to convert positive or negative 24VDC and 48VDC power to continuous AC power for Telecom, Datacom, IT and Industrial applications. The SR Series delivers clean power from a 1U and 2U, 19’’ rack mount inverter package. Now available is the SR1000 (1000W) model and soon to be launched is the SR1600, a high performance model which offers up to 51.2kW of paralleled power and features hot-swappable modules, scalable racks, and dual inputs (AC/DC operating modes).

SP700 (GFCI)_02

SP series

The latest SP series pure sine wave inverter from 700W -> 4000W, implement the state of the art design topology with the following advanced functions: wide DC input voltage / wide operating temp to fulfill majority of applications; low profile and stylish design with output voltage selectable switch (100/110/115/120 or 20/220/230/240) makes the product more user friendly.

SD2500 (GFCI)_02

SD series

The parallel SD inverters are available in 12/24/48V models from 2500W to 3500W. The parallel design for power expansion / automatic master mechanism to eliminate single point failure and optimize reliability / built-in
ATS and AC circuit breaker.


SK Series

The compact SK inverters are available in 12/24/48 models from 200W to the large and powerful 3000W. Built-in multistage power saving control endowed it with more practical function in saving your battery power for
when it is needed the most. Offering quality pure sine wave output, the SK series stand-alone inverters are ideally suited for electrical systems that already have a quality battery charger.


S Series

Offering superior quality pure sine wave output, the S series stand-alone inverters are available in 12/24/48 models from 150W to 1500W, but only with 120VAC output. Designed for industrial & recreational applications,
their AC output is capable of handling heavy duty and smaller, multiple AC Loads.